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Ha-Lapid הלפיד

N.º 122, Nissan-Yiar 5704 (Mar-Abr 1944)


N.° 122                        PORTO - Luas de Março e Abril - 5704 (1944 e. v.)                    ANO XVIII

Tudo se ilumina                     _______  ___  _______ |=|____  _______                      ...alumia-vos
para aquele que                    |____   ||_  ||  ___  ||____  ||_____  |                   e aponta-vos  o 
busca a luz.                            | |   |_| \_\  | |    / /   _   | |                   caminho.
                                        | |       _____| |   / /   | |  | |
       BEN-ROSH                         |_|      |_______|  /_/    |_|  |_|                          BEN-ROSH

                                                   O  FACHO

      Redacção na Sinagoga Kadoorie Mekor Haim        ||                 Rua da Fábrica, 80
           Rua Guerra Junqueiro, 340 - Porto          || ------------------- P O R T O -------------------

          TWO NOBLE JEWS


          by Paul Goodman

The people of israel has suffered the
loss of two great figures. Sir Elly Kadoorie
and Dr. Alfred Klee, whose names are
honoured among the Jews of Portugal and
who have contributed to the revival of
Judaísm among the Marranos in that country.

Sir Elly Kadoorie died on the 8th Fe-
bruary 1944 at Shanghai, which is now
under Japanese occupation, and it is a com-
fort to know through the Red Cross that
his sons, Lawrence and Horace Kadoorie,
were then at his bedside in the case of
Dr. Alfred Klee, whose genial personality
will be gratefully recalled in Oporto, he
died at a German concentration camp in
Holland, in which country he had been
living for some time past. He was offered
many favourable opportunities to leave the
Continent for England, but he preferred to
remain in danger with his people to the last.

These were two noble Jews. whose lives
were dedicated to the advancement of the
religious, cultural and philanthropic inte-
rests of their people.

The fate that has overtaken Sir Elly

Kadoorie and Dr. Alfred Klee is a very sad
indication of the overwhelming Jewish tra-
gedy of these days. For the princely Ka-
doorie family, in Shanghai, under the Japa-
nese, and the death of Dr. Klee in a German
concentration camp in Holland, have suffe-
red in the unparalleled upheaval of the
present world-conflict. But it also beto-
kens the universality of Judaism, world-
-wide in its sympathies as well as well
as in its sorrows. For Sir Elly Kadoorie,
ilustrious Sephardi philantropist, in the yar.
East, with his sons, and Dr. Klee, a great
leader of the Jews in Germany, have been
devoted and generous friends of the Mar-
ranos in Portugal. The Kadoorie Synago-
gue in Oporto stands as a monument of
the Faith of Israel: the Kadoorie family
was deeply interested in its welfare and
progress, and the presence of Dr. Alfred
Klee (tegether with his son, Dr. Hans Klee,
now in Switzerland) at its solemn Conse-
cration in January 1938, will remain part
of the historic revival of their co-religio-
nists in Northern Portugal.

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